Electrical & Mechanical Thermography Services, Building & Insulation Thermal Patterning

As members of the Australian Professional Thermography Association Inc. and the Australasian Thermographers Association, TechCompServices are one of the only REGISTERED Professional Thermographers for Far North Queensland!

TechCompServices uses the latest FLIR thermal imaging cameras to see problems invisible to the eye, and to see in total darkness.

TechCompServices uses this leading edge technology and a carefully planned program to manage client cost. TechCompServices provides services to inspect and report on Electrical & Mechanical and Thermography Building and Insulation Thermal Patterning to provide the clear informative reports required by management to maintain clients assets.

TechCompServices undertakes programmed inspection to minimise costs. Installations in good condition should last for years without significant deterioration, whereas other areas in arduous locations or previously stressed equipment will have limited life requiring monitoring. The trick is knowing the difference.

TechCompServices conducts an initial site wide audit of installed base to identify and classify each installation into 4 classifications, Critical, Monitor, Maintain and Review.

  • Critical classified equipment will be reported with reference images and location data the report containing critical information. This is handed to client representative for action in line with client policy upon completion of audit. All images are retained for future baseline comparison by TechCompServices.
  • Monitor classifies areas or equipment that show significant anomalies but does not require immediate action.
  • Maintain are those areas that are deemed critical and could propose financial or operational risk if failure occurred.
  • Review are areas deemed to be stable with no likelihood of foreseeable issues.

The initial classification of equipment means that a programmed approach to intervals between inspections for each piece of equipment and areas can be decided on that align with risk tolerance matrix of each site’s preventative maintenance strategy. Eliminating wasteful inspection time on stable equipment.

TechCompServices are available 24/7 to suit client and inspection requirements. To provide the best results for report requirements.

Downtime Production Costs

The cost of an emergency outage is measure in production costs, loss of revenue, unproductive personnel cost. A failure of a $100 component can easily cost $200,000 in operational losses.

Planned Maintenance & Cost Reductions

Using thermography techniques problems that do exist can be identified and monitored, giving time to assess and repair the problem in a planned outage. Insurance companies recognise the value of thermography surveys and may offer discount to offset costs as they recognise the efficiency and risk reduction achieved.

Download our Capability Statement for more information on our Thermography services.