Critical Point HV Circuit Breaker Replacement

Critical Point HV Circuit Breaker Replacement

2018 – Principal

After a recent industry alert from Ergon Energy regarding failure of the arc quenching chamber support rods on 3 of their 72.5kV HPFA  circuit breakers, Glencore’s Clermont Coal Mine undertook a replacement project for of these breakers with new ABB 72.5kv SF6 circuit breaker type EDF SK1-1.

The breakers were at critical operations point in their HV Grid, 1 at the Main incomer and 2 for Rail Load Substation, being so critical to operations, it was important to have full coordination and hands on approach.

TechCompServices was engaged as the Design Consultant to coordinate all facets of the project, OHL design, Electrical control, Mechanical and Communications. The Project offered some unique issues with the short shut period, change in heights of new breaker and for one remote installation insufficient LV power for new control demand with VTs providing only 200VA at 110V. The installation of a new 66kV/415V transformer or replacement of VTs was both costly and difficult to achieve in the short shut window, an alternate permanent solution was needed.

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